How to Stop Airtel Flash Messages: 5 Steps for Android & iPhone

Are you tired of constant disruptions on your smartphone screen in the form of flash messages? The incessant buzzing and unexpected pop-ups can be quite irksome. This situation will eventually lead you to wonder, “How to stop Airtel flash messages?” And that is what we are going to answer today. Whether you wield an iPhone or an Android device, the solution lies in a few simple steps that will put an end to these interruptions.

Let’s dig into the process and explore steps that will reclaim your screen from the clutches of unwanted messages.

5 Steps on How to Stop Airtel Flash Messages

The pesky flash messages from Airtel can disrupt your phone experience. If you are tired of them, follow these simple steps to put an end to them:

Step 1: Locate the App Drawer

The very first thing you need to do is unlock your smartphone. After that, try to locate the app drawer on your device. It can be either in the Settings or typically appear as an icon featuring a grid of squares.

how to stop airtel flash messages

Step 2: Open “Airtel Service App”

Hopefully, finding the app drawer is not hard. Once you find it, locate and open the “Airtel Service App.”

Step 3: Select “Airtel Now”

Inside the “Airtel Service App,” you need to look for an option called “Airtel Now.” Select the option after finding it.

Step 4: Find the Feature Associated with Flash Messages

Inside the “Airtel Now” option, you will see a checklist of important features. These features can be turned on or off with the “Stop/Start” option. You just need to find the feature with the term “Flash Messages.”

Step 5: Stop the Feature

Once you have finally identified the right feature that relates to flash messages, tap on the “Stop/Start” option and select “Stop.”

Airtel Flash Messages Stop Code:

Note: This method is applicable for postpaid users only.

  • After unlocking your phone, open the messaging app.
  • Now, you need to compose a new message.
  • In the message body, type “Can Flash” (without quotes).
  • Once you are done writing the message, send it to the number – 199.
  • Alternatively, you can type “START 0” inside the message body and send the message to 1909. Often, this approach tends to work if sending the message to 199 doesn’t work.

Congratulations! You have successfully taken control of those intrusive Airtel flash messages. Now, enjoy an uninterrupted smartphone experience.

How to Stop Airtel Flash Messages on iPhone

Although you have learned how to stop Airtel flash messages on an Android device, it won’t save you if you are an iPhone user. And dealing with Airtel flash messages on your iPhone can be annoying.

Get rid of the frustration and balance deductions by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open iPhone Settings > Go to ‘Phone’

Unlock your iPhone if it is locked. Then, go to the settings. Look for the gear-shaped icon and tap it. After that, navigate to the ‘Phone’ section.

Step 2: Scroll Down to ‘Sim Applications’

Within the ‘Phone’ options, scroll down until you spot the intriguing ‘Sim Applications.’ This is your next step to silence those flash messages.

Step 3: Access ‘Airtel Now’

Now that you have found ‘Sim Applications,’ enter the “Airtel Now” option (just like you found in the previous method for Android). It will open the door to managing various Airtel features.

Step 4: Choose ‘Stop/Start’ Option

Within “Airtel Now,” locate the crucial “Stop/Start” option. This is the point where you regain control over those unwanted flash messages.

Step 5: Confirm “Stop” Option

As you select “Stop,” a screen will flash before you, offering the decisive choice to halt those flash messages. Without any hesitation, hit the ‘Stop’ option.

Step 6: Accept the Confirmation

Another screen will appear, delivering the message “airtel Now! has been Stopped.” Be confident and choose “Accept.”

Step 7: Receive Confirmation Message

Wait for a message from Airtel operators confirming the deactivation of your flash messages. Once received, enjoy the peace of a message-free screen.

Watch the following video on how to stop Airtel flash messages on an iPhone if you are still not clear about the whole process.

Congratulations! You have successfully stopped Airtel flash messages on an iPhone. Enjoy a serene smartphone experience without any unwelcome interruptions.

Some FAQs on How to Stop Airtel Flash Messages

1) How can I stop flash SMS data in Airtel?

Send “Can Flash” to 199 to stop or disable flash messages in Airtel. Alternatively, you can use the method of writing “START 0” to 1909.

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2) How can I remove Airtel notifications?

Dial 3622# to deactivate Airtel notifications. If you ever want them back, dial 3621# to activate.

3) How do I stop SIM Toolkit flashing messages?

Open the SIM Toolkit app for BSNL (likely named “BSNL Mobile” on your phone). Tap on “BSNL Buzz Service” and then tap on ‘Activation.’ Finally, tap on ‘Deactivate’ to stop flash messages on your phone.

4) How can I stop Airtel SIM toolkit?

Go to the app drawer and open your phone’s list of apps. Next, find the SIM toolkit app. Once you find it press and hold it for a few seconds. Click on the button with an (i) in it to open the “App Info” page. Then, click on the “Force Stop” button to halt the Airtel SIM toolkit.

Bottom Line

If you have followed the aforementioned methods, then you should know how to stop Airtel flash messages, whether you are using Android or iPhone. This guideline is your ticket to a more serene smartphone experience. Be free from the frustration of unwanted battery drain, unnecessary network usage, and balance cuts.

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