How to Clear Flipkart Search History: 3 Best Methods in 2024

For online shopping, Flipkart has become the go-to destination for millions of Indians. As users continue to use this app, there is a little secret tucked away – your Flipkart search history. Now, we all know the importance of privacy. So, a question pops into many user’s minds – “How to clear Flipkart search history?”

That is why we will guide you through 3 simple yet crucial methods of maintaining your online confidentiality. So, if you have wondered about securing your search secrets, stay tuned.

Why Do You Need to Delete Flipkart Search History?

Is it a good idea to clear out your Flipkart search history? Well, in certain situations, it is. Let’s explore some common yet crucial reasons for clearing out Flipkart search history.

1. Privacy Matters

Your Flipkart search history contains a record of all the items you have looked for on the platform. If you value your privacy, regularly deleting this history ensures that your past searches remain your little secret. Whether it is a surprise gift or just something personal, it is always nice to keep things to yourself.

how to clear flipkart search history

2. Streamlined Recommendations

As you search for new products, Flipkart tailors its recommendations based on your search history. By cleaning it up, you are giving the platform a chance to present you with fresh and relevant suggestions. This way, you can discover items you might not have found otherwise.

3. Clutter-Free Experience

Let’s face it – a cluttered search history can be overwhelming. By periodically clearing it, you can maintain a clean slate for your next shopping spree. It is like tidying up your room before bringing in new stuff. Everything just feels better when it is organized.

4. Enhanced Performance

Over time, a buildup of search history data can potentially slow down your app. So, you need to delete the search history on Flipkart to free up space. This can also contribute to a smoother browsing experience. If you want Flipkart to run at its best, a little history cleaning can go a long way.

5. Unbiased Recommendations:

By regularly clearing your search history, you prevent the platform from being influenced by past searches. This means the recommendations you receive are based on your current preferences. Thus, this will create a more unbiased and genuine shopping experience.

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How to Clear Flipkart Search History – 3 Best Methods

Clearing your Flipkart search history is a breeze, and we will present three straightforward methods to help you tidy things up. Let’s dive into these easy-to-follow methods:

Method 1: Clearing History by Viewing New Products

If you are the kind of person who enjoys scrolling through Flipkart for new goodies, this method is as simple as it gets. Flipkart only shows your last 25 searches, so all you need to do is search for another 25 items.

This not only refreshes your search history but also removes the previous entries. Feel free to click on any random listings if you are not picky about what shows up in your history.

Method 2: By Removing Flipkart App Data

For a more comprehensive cleanup, consider clearing all Flipkart app data on your device. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Unlock your phone and go to the “Settings” app. It is something that you will find instantly.
  • Inside Settings, head to the Apps menu and select “Manage Data.”
  • Once you are there, scroll down until you find the Flipkart app in the list.
  • Tap on the app and choose the option to clear data.
  • Confirm your action by selecting OK.
  • Be aware that this method logs you out of the app, so you will need to log back in when you want to use it again.

For more advanced guidelines and a better visual representation of this method, watch the following video.

Method 3: By Deleting the Flipkart App Cache

If you are still using an older version of the Flipkart app, clearing the cache might do the trick. Give this method a shot if you are looking for a quick and effective way to clear your Flipkart search history.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Unlock your smartphone if it is locked. Then, open your device’s Settings app.
  • Go to the Apps menu and select “Manage Data.”
  • Now, you need to find the Flipkart app. After finding the app, tap on it.
  • Clear your data by selecting “Clear Data.”
  • After that, choose “Clear Cache” from the menu.
  • Confirm your action by tapping OK.

How to Clear Flipkart Search History on Chrome

You have already learned 3 different methods on how to clear Flipkart search history. Therefore, it will be easier for you to clear your Flipkart search history on Chrome. You can keep your browsing experience neat and tidy by following these steps:

●       Step 1: Open Chrome

Start by launching your Chrome browser on your device.

●       Step 2: Access App Info

Click on the three dots in the top right corner to open the menu. From there, select “Settings” and then go to “App info.”

●       Step 3: Navigate to Storage and Cache

Within the “App info” section, look for the “Storage and Cache” option. Click on it to proceed.

●       Step 4: Clear Cache

In the “Storage and Cache” section, you will find the option to “Clear Cache.” Click on it to remove the stored temporary data that includes your Flipkart search history.

●       Step 5: Clear Data

Next, you will see the option to “Clear Data.” Click on this to remove any additional information related to your Flipkart searches. It is important to clear both the cache and data for a thorough cleanup.

●       Step 6: Confirm Your Action

Once you have selected both “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data,” confirm your action. This ensures that all the relevant data, including your Flipkart search history, is wiped clean.

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How to Clear Flipkart Search History on Your Computer

The process of clearing your Flipkart search history on your computer is straightforward. It will be easy for you since you have already learned so much about how to clear Flipkart search history.

Here is what you need to do:

  • First and foremost, launch the web browser you use to access Flipkart on your computer.
  • Look for the settings menu. Depending on your browser, it will be represented by three dots or lines in the top right or left corner of the window. Click on it to reveal the dropdown menu.
  • Within the settings menu, find the section related to privacy or security. The exact wording may vary depending on your browser. Look for terms like “Privacy,” “Security,” or “Cookies.”
  • Once you are in the privacy or security settings, there should be an option to manage or clear cookies. Click on it to access the cookie settings.
  • Look for cookies associated with Flipkart in the list. These are the bits of data that store your search history and preferences on the Flipkart website.
  • Select the Flipkart cookies and choose the option to delete them. This action will clear your Flipkart search history from your computer.
  • To confirm the changes take effect, it is a good practice to restart your browser. Close it and open it again to enjoy a clean slate on Flipkart.


Deleting your Flipkart search history ensures that your digital shopping experience is as personal and personalized as it can be. With knowledge of how to clear Flipkart search history, you can say goodbye to unwanted marks. At the same time, you can enjoy a hassle-free, safe shopping journey. So, let your future searches on Flipkart unfold with a touch of privacy.

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